Welcome to the Velocity 2X Vault!

Here you’ll find a lot of goodies such as concept art, early music sketches and ideas that didn’t make the cut. Also a whole bunch of art assets so you can make your own desktop wallpapers, Vita lockscreens and even conversations between the Velocity 2X avatars!

It’s the DVD special features =)


Development Progress

Here’s a hella ton of screenshots, photographs and videos taken from the game at all stages of production; from the very first milestone delivery to Sony, right up to the final submission. Warning: It looks lame at the start!




When James & Robin finished Coconut Dodge, they wanted to make use of their codebase for another game. Since coconuts were programmed to fall down the screen, Robin suggested they create a shoot ’em-up by swapping the coconuts for terrain, and swapping the crab for a spaceship, and using the same code!

James had also just finished a remix of an early track he’d written at University 10 years prior, and it sounded to James like ‘an heroic retro 80’s space shooter’. It was decided a shoot ’em-up was the best course of action for a new game, and James began thinking of gameplay ideas whilst Robin started prototyping. Once the idea of teleportation took root, James was inspired to write more pieces of music.

Once Robin and James had the mechanics prototyped and the rough music in the game, James invited Joris de Man to visit the studio to have a play in the hope he’d be interested in taking the rough recordings and producing them properly. Joris agreed and a close partnership has since developed whereby James supplies some initial audio direction and Joris runs with it.

In this download you will find all four of James’ original tracks for Velocity, along with the ‘Rekenium’ sketch James created as a starting point for Joris in creating the Velocity 2X Soundtrack.



Concept Art

As a small studio with big ambitions for style and beauty, we needed an art style that was both stunning and economical, without requiring thousands of hours of asset production.

Here you’ll find how Chris Goff, Jack Hamilton & Callum Roberts realised that ambition, exploring planets, vehicles, cultures and characters!



Art Kit

Want to make some lockscreens or wallpapers for your Vita?

Want to create your own dialogue between Velocity 2X characters for some lolz on Twitter or your Facebook page?

We’ve got you covered!