The State of Play

In 2212 the distant star Vilio exploded into a red giant, sending an electromagnetic pulse surging into our deep space mining ships, colony cruisers and Special Forces fighters, knocking out their primary power.

Now the star is beginning to collapse into a black hole, pulling our stranded fleets to their doom!

To make things worse, our warring neighbours have seen reward in our misfortune and have deployed scavengers to prey upon our people!

Only one craft is capable of a rescue mission, the Quarp Jet – a spacecraft capable of teleportation!


Your Mission

Make no mistake; this is not a simple rescue mission. You will be required to use deadly force to extinguish enemy space vessels that jeopardise your success.

Despite the necessity for deadly force, the crux of the mission is to search all space stations for survivors.

Each space station has a number of survivors hiding in the wreckage, and it’s your job to find and rescue as many as you can!

It is accepted that not all survivors will be rescued, so a minimum rescue count is required from each location in order to progress on the mission.

You are advised to be as swift and efficient as possible, because the more survivors you rescue, the more you will be rewarded!



Since the EMP knocked out primary power, all space stations have reverted to backup power, and a default maximum threat level has been applied.

The unfortunate result is that all security systems that were designed to protect our stations from attack have instead become prisons, trapping survivor pods behind an impenetrable wall of dangerous energy and firepower!

This scenario is awkward enough, but to make matters worse, the security systems are protected by a networked shield, and are therefore indestructible to all known weapons!

However, there is a failsafe mechanism; a series of circuit breaker switches that can be used to deactivate the shield network manually.


Deactivating The Shields

The circuit breaker switches must be located and disabled in the correct order to bring down the shields.

The Quarp Jet navigation system is able to show you the order that each switch must be disabled once located, but it’s up to you to find each switch, and return to them to disable in the correct order.

Since everything is locked into the gravity of the collapsing star, you must use a number of telepod beacons to teleport between circuit breaker switches quickly and efficiently.

Smart placement of telepod beacons will mean the difference between rescuing enough survivors in time, or being immediately discharged from the mission!


Good luck…